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Acupuncturist located in Bellmore, NY

Shoreline Acupuncture

Shoreline Acupuncture in Bellmore, New York, is dedicated to providing holistic and integrative care for patients seeking relief from a variety of ailments, with a special focus on chronic pain. Led by experienced licensed acupuncturist Lisa Senay, LAc, the acupuncture clinic takes a patient-centered approach to ensure the well-being and comfort of every person who seeks their care.

Lisa earned her master’s degree in acupuncture from The New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York City. She is also a certified Kyojung practitioner. Lisa's commitment to her patients extends beyond the classroom, as she has studied alongside experts at institutions such as Shanghai University Hospital in Shanghai, China, and the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her continuous educational pursuits testify to her unwavering dedication to patient care.

Lisa's patients have experienced remarkable success and relief through her integrated and practical approach to acupuncture. From back pain during pregnancy to posture-related neck pain, Lisa takes the time to get to know her patients and their specific needs. She works directly with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that relieves their pain, improves their range of motion, and restores their quality of life.

Beyond traditional acupuncture, Lisa offers a wide spectrum of effective pain management treatments, including cupping therapy, infrared therapy, and topical white flour oil. She strives to help each person in her care enjoy lasting relief that fosters an improved quality of life.

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