Patients Reviews

Shoreline Acupuncturist Lisa Senay is a special healer with deeply intuitive abilities. Since I’ve been going to her my sciatica vanished, my energy level rose, and my stress level decreased. Grace Bennett,RN

Grace S B. | Mar 27, 2024
Lisa and her staff have been incredibly helpful, professional and caring. I have suffered with a very stiff neck and lower back pain for years. Lisa worked on each area of pain and helped so much. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who thinks they can’t be helped.

Louis C. | Feb 04, 2024
Lisa and her staff are amazing. I found her on a recommendation from a friend. She has such an incredible skill and knows precisely what to make you feel better. I broke my foot and found her about 4 months after doing so. She knew exactly what to do to help my foot heal and transition from a boot to walking. I highly recommend her. You walk out feeling enlightened.

Ann O. | Feb 03, 2024
Lisa is so knowledgeable and she’s an expert in her craft. She has helped my back pains so much! I would definitely recommend to only try Lisa !

Alexis M. | Feb 03, 2024
Lisa is a comprehensive caregiver. She is methodical in her assessment of her clients, and goes beyond what I expected of the methodology. Highly recommended. Give her some time to work on your issues, her investigative skills are multi-faceted.

Paul R. | Feb 03, 2024
Lisa and her staff are amazing. I have never walked into a medical office where everyone is so pleasant from start to finish. You are greeted by Victoria who is so sweet and helpful with your appointments. you are then transported into a very relaxing room where Lisa starts her treatment on you. She is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable about your needs. I suffer from chronic pain from my neck, back, hip, sciatica and leg pain. Lisa always knows after speaking to me about what’s bothering me on the days I go in and she ALWAYS manages to help me relieve my pain. I have suffered for years and Lisa has been the only one so far to give me relief. I HIGHLY recommend anybody who’s suffering to give her practice a chance to help you. I also have just started medical massages there and it is probably one of the best massages I have had that the therapist was so knowledgeable of the exact spots to help me. If I could get this practice more than five stars I definitely would.

Wendy F. | Feb 01, 2024
I have suffered from neck, back and hip pain intermittently for years. Since receiving acupuncture treatments from Lisa, over the past year, I have felt relief from intense pain and have been able to get back to exercising and have even joined a gym. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable of various therapeutic techniques, caring and professional. I highly recommend Lisa at Shoreline Acupuncture.

Barbara L. | Jan 30, 2024
"I just want to say how much I love the treatments I have received from Lisa since January 2020. I was in a car accident in March 2019, and went through months and months of physical therapy as well as injections to my spine and lumbar that just weren’t helping me feel better. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Lisa, who has an extensive knowledge about acupuncture and is always able to target the areas I need help in the most!"

Stacy M.
"I have had neck pain and low back pain from work for over 20 years. I did not think it was going to get much better. I am so relieved to have treatment that actually works. Lisa is thoughtful, thorough, honest, and a pleasure to be around. In addition to the wonderful treatments she provides, she also provides information on what to do at home to keep up my progress. My neck and back pain went from a constant 6/10 to an intermittent 3/10 in just a few weeks from following her protocol. I look forward to treatment every time."

Ross T.
"Lisa has helped me immensely after my accident. I had pain radiating down my right leg, and intense neck pain radiating down my right arm. After one treatment the radiating pain was gone. I am more than happy with the treatment plan and approach Lisa provides. It really has helped my pain. "

Kathy P.